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The California Apostille (Apostille Stamp) is an authentication issued by the California Secretary of State for non-federal documents, certifying the signature(s) of documents destined for countries belonging the Hague Convention. Only the signature of a California Notary Public and the following California officers and their deputies may be apostilled in the State of California: County Clerk or Recorder, Court Administrator of the Superior Court, Officers whose authority is not limited to any particular county, Executive Clerks of the Superior Court, Executive Officers of the Superior Court. (The Apostille process for other states follow similar guidelines. You may call us for additional information.)

The California Certification carries the same power and bears the same signature requirements as does the California Apostille but is applicable only to documents destined for a country that does not belong to the Hague Convention. Generally speaking, this type of authentication usually requires additional legalization steps before the document may be presented in the country of destination.

The U.S. Department of State Certification authenticates the signature of the Secretary of State in which the doc was executed or the signatures of federal agency docs and courts docs executed by the District of Colombia which contain the proper elements. This type of authentication  is usually required for docs destined for Non-Hague Convention countries.

The Clerk of the Court Apostille certifies documents of a Federal Court of the U.S. as authentic for presentation in foreign countries. It is issued by the respective federal Clerk of the Court. This type of Apostille is applicable only to Federal Court Documents.

The Consular or Embassy Legalization authentication (attestation) is an additional step in the legalization /apostille process that is required by some Non- Hague Convention countries. Documents requiring this step must be additionally authenticated (attestation process) by a local consular embassy officer before they may be presented in the country of destination.

The U.S. Department of State Apostille is an authentication issued by the U.S. Dept. Of State for federal documents signed by a federal official with the proper elements that are destined for Hague Convention countries. State issued documents can not receive this authentication.


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    1. We review your document with you before pickup to reduce the chance of errors.

    2. FREE Notary services provided at your site for qualifying documents.

    3. Docs requiring California authentication are hand carried to the office of The Secretary of State.

    4. Docs requiring legalization by a Los Angeles embassy are hand delivered and retrieved from embassy.

    5. Docs requiring U.S. Dept. of State authentication are sent overnight  to our Washington DC Agent.

    6. Emergency 24 hour/same day apostille service available for qualifying documents.

    7. Most CA Apostille requests are processed within 48 hours - Out of state, 6-9 Business Days.

    8. Your docs are picked up and delivered to your home or place of business when completed.**


Mobile California Apostille provides apostille consulting and mobile apostille services for individuals and companies requiring legalization of documents. Our services are personalized, confidential and include embassy legalization when required. We are a private company, not a state, federal or government agency.   

We make obtaining your apostille fast and easy by utilizing our experience and expertise to simplify and accelerate the authentication process for you. We are located in Orange County, California and registered with the California Secretary of State as a Private Service Provider.  

CA Private Service Providers are listed at the California Secretary of State website:

We do one thing and we do it well: Serve as Apostille Agents for all 50 States

Our mobile apostille service is personal, prompt and convenient. We remove all of the guesswork from your apostille process

Our Mobile California Apostille Guarantee:

If your Apostille is returned by the country of destination due to an error on our part, we will process a new one for you FREE.


Professional Orange County California Apostille Service

Ask, what is an apostille and you will probably get many incorrect answers because the term “apostille” is used rather loosely to reference both apostilles and certifications. The apostille and the certification are similar but different. The term “apostille certification” is also incorrect. The apostille is an authentication but never a certification. Listed below, under the title “Types of California Authentications - Federal Authentications - Embassy Legalization,” are definitions for the California apostille/certification along with definitions for all other types of apostilles, certifications and legalizations utilized to authenticate USA outbound documents for presentation in foreign countries.


     ** * California Docs Only

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